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Design Services

Our design processes are developed in-house and focus on composite design that allows us to explore a large range of options at concept stage. This means our customers can make better informed decisions earlier on.

Finite Element (FE)

We use our experience with various FE packages and our knowledge of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) to further study and improve our concepts. This allows a higher level of design detail and further empowers our customers to make better decisions.


We can support your production team throughout the complexities of FRP manufacture either remotely or in person.

Whether you are creating a new structure or introducing a new composite manufacturing process, our network of experienced engineers will help you navigate the right path.


Once your structure has entered service, we can design and implement a structural monitoring system which can talk back to base to allow key variables to be tracked.

This can help inform maintenance plans and reduce the need for extensive surveys and unnecessary down time, enabling you to maximise profits.

Structural Through Life

Our life assessment package provides an in-depth analysis of your assets; providing you with data to maximise residual value and implement cost effective asset replacement strategies.

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